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1. Sign up for Summer Camps

2. Get your physicals done


3. Upload your physical and register for football here


Spring Football Camp

February 27 - April 25

Gear up for Desert Mountain's Spring Football Camp. Whether your son is a seasoned player or a rising freshman, this is the chance to unleash potential with the DM Wolves Football team.

Mark the dates, set your sights on the times, and get ready to dive into a gridiron experience like never before. Registration information for current players and 8th graders/incoming freshmen with all the details you need is below.

Don't just spectate; be part of the action! Hone skills, forge bonds, and secure your spot now for a journey of self-discovery, camaraderie, and pure football prowess. Join us, register your son, and let the roar of the DM Wolves echo through the spring air – champions are made on the field!

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